Add a little drama, and extra seating space, in your home. A well-placed accent chair can add a dose of personality, and practicality, in any living area. Accent chairs are more versatile than you may think. Accent chairs can brighten up your living room and add style to your bedroom. By placing a colourful, comfy chair near a window and adding a lamp and side table, you can create an instantly stylish reading space.

Whether you’re looking to make a style statement, create a conversation space or add a relaxing reading nook in your home, accent chairs can be the perfect solution. They allow you to express your personal style and add charm to any room. Accent chairs can bring new touches of colour, texture and shape, and they are versatile enough to be used in your living room, bedroom, home office or other seating or living areas.


Here are some clever tips on how you can use accent chairs to add to the stylishness and comfort of your living space.

How To Choose Accent Chairs

Accent chairs provide more than additional seating when used to decorate a room. Individually they can add style, colour and texture to a room; collectively they can provide a functional, decorative furniture arrangement.

Choosing furniture can be daunting but the key things to look out for is style and type of materials the chair is made of. Coordinating these two will let you use chairs from different sets without having to buy all in one set. Difference in style and texture can be good especially if you are after an eclectic look. Just make sure the accent chair accents the colour scheme of the room in which you are placing it.

Styles of accent chairs widely vary. Look to your existing living room furnishings to acquire complementary chairs. Chairs with simple, straight lines, sharp corners and shiny metal accents enhance a more modern decorating style. Conversely, chairs with graceful, curved lines, rounded corners and wood trim tend to complement traditional decor.


Define your style and space — Accent chairs come in a variety of styles. First, consider whether you prefer a more traditional, or a sleek, contemporary look. The style of your home and how you want to use the space in which you’ll be incorporating your accent chair are important. To add a bit of sophistication to the room and showcase your unique personality. If you prefer comfort, an oversize accent chair provides a cozy place to curl up at the end of the day to read a book or watch television. In terms of colour, it’s often wise to choose something that could work in more than one room so that you can switch things up later if you desire.

Placement Is Key


Creating the ambiance you want in a room is important. Your new accent chair should make your room look more inviting — not cluttered. In a bedroom, an accent chair can provide the perfect sitting area. Placing a chair next to a window with a small table and lamp creates a cozy reading nook. Comfortable chairs that recline or pair with an ottoman are great for low-traffic areas. It’s also important to ensure traffic can navigate comfortably around whoever is seated.

Consider Use


Think about how you’ll use your accent chair — and who will be using it. Are you looking for something comfortable in which to relax and read your Kindle, or do you prefer a unique statement piece? Accent chairs in recreation and living areas are likely to be used frequently, so durable, yet comfortable and stylish leather chairs could be a perfect fit. Chairs situated in hallways or bedrooms can be chosen more for their style, so a hand-crafted wood or antique chair might be a good choice. To use your accent chairs as extra seating in the dining room, select firm, sturdy chairs that are the correct height (usually with a seat 16 to 18 inches high).

The Size Factor


Scale is one of the most important considerations when purchasing furniture. For any room, the size of the accent chair should be in proportion to the space so the room doesn’t diminish it, or vice versa. Make sure the height of the seat is in balance with other seating in the room. For tall guests, avoid chairs that are too low to the ground; for petite guests, avoid chairs with a deep seat length.

Here is a Quick Accent Chair Style Guide:

Wing Back Chairs


Wing-back chairs are an enduring favorite for living rooms. They are designed with high backs, arm rests and winged sides, providing a formal touch. The generous size of a wingback makes it an ideal counterpart to a large sofa, since it can give the room a sense of balance in scale.

It’s most commonly placed next to a fireplace. Protecting the inhabitant from drafts and the heat from a roaring fire was the original purpose of the chair’s side wings, and some things, like Canadian winters, never change.

If you want to try something a little daring and different, use your wingback chairs as end chairs at the head and foot of a dining table. There’s something undeniably thronelike about the stately shape of wingback chairs, and as dining chairs they give meals added gravitas.

The wingback chair’s style and sexy curves can turn any room from drab to fab. Don’t be afraid to show this one off in a colourful hue!

Club Chairs


Club chairs are typically, roomy, constructed with low backs and arm rests and extra deep seats, perfect for curling up with a book. They are frequently shown with leather upholstery or nail-head trim (or both). The chunky, square shape of club chairs is often incorporated into traditional as well as more modern living rooms. Perfect as a pair or even just one, this roomy chair is perfect for a conversation area in your living room or to curl up with a book in your bedroom.

Slipper Chair


This low, armless, upholstered accent chair is an excellent choice for a cozy room that is tight on space. If space is a scarce resource around your home, a slipper is a great option. Place it near the coffee table, pull it up to the dining table for extra seating, particularly in small rooms or use it to pretty up your bedroom as a duo at the end of the bed.


Slipper chairs are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and can even be used to separate the dining and living areas in a single room. If you’re wondering where the name “slipper chair” comes from, you might be surprised to learn that the name originated from the Victoria era chair that was easy for Victorian ladies to get in and out of when slipping on their shoes.

Bergère Arm Chair


A Bergère arm chair is an enclosed upholstered French armchair with an upholstered back and armrests on upholstered frames. Fitted with a loose, tailored seat cushion the Bergere is designed for lounging in comfort with its deep and wide seat. The loose seat cushion is what keeps it from feeling overly formal. Bergere chairs may have flat,“raked” backs or have coved backs which sweep without a break in to the armrests.

The Bergere accent chair is typically used in pairs opposite a sofa or tucked into the corner of a bedroom with a matching ottoman. You can add an air of elegance to contemporary rooms by placing a Bergere chair or two. Their ability to fit in anywhere speaks to the timelessness of these accent chairs.

Occassional Chairs


Stylish occasional chair The stylish occasional chair: Typically light and chic, like the iconic Chivari chair, this type of chair is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be used throughout your home, including the living room, parlour or your home office.

These accents chairs run the gamut in terms of shape and style, but the one common denominator is that they’re lightweight and easy to move when the need, or “occasion,” for more seating arises. Most are armless due to the weight factor.Because occasional chairs need to function anywhere in the home, they typically have an especially eye-catching or shapely design.

The Chiavari chair is one you’ve likely sat on during a fancy wedding, but it’s also one of the most widely used occasional

Spice Up Any Room With Cleverly Selected Upholstery


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour


A chair’s upholstery can add textural colour to a living room. Buttery leather upholsteries in rich brown or brick red add a warm elegance to a living room. White or shiny black leather sets a lively, modern tone. Fabric chairs upholstered in cozy chenille, corduroy or velvet add inviting texture to a space. Microfiber is an ideal upholstery choice for homes with kids and pets; it’s durable and easy to clean.


Choosing a neutral upholstery — such as beige, brown, gray or off-white — allows you to punch up the colour with toss pillows and furniture throws. An upholstery fabric in a stripe, paisley, geometric print or other pattern can help to “turn up the decorating heat” in a living room.

Here are some tips on how your choice of upholstery can add interest and style to your accent chair décor.

Skip Colour – Add Texture


An easy way to add interest to a room with a neutral palette is with a chic, standout armchair. Stick to the same hue — a white accent piece will complement the comfy ambiance in the living space. If you have a large window, make the most of the natural sunlight and place the chair in front to create a cozy reading spot.

Pump It Up With Pattern


The best thing about accent chairs is that they are so easy to stand alone, especially with stripes or patterns gone mad. Don’t worry about mismatching — just place it in the spotlight as the signature piece and flaunt your style. For a large room, place a wide lounge chair in a bare corner that needs attention.

Mix and Match Your Accent Chairs


Create stylish, yet comfortable dining room décor by placing spacious barrel seats at the heads of the table. These hand-woven abaca armchairs pair beautifully with natural finishes like oak, and create a relaxed vibe that will make guests want to linger for longer.

Use Size


Consider the available space in your living room when decorating it with accent chairs. Chairs that are not in proportion with the room size can make the entire room look awkward and off balance. For example, an armless chair or a petite accent chair suits a living room with limited floor space. A chair without arms takes up less space than a chair with large, rolled arms. Likewise, accent chairs are designed to accommodate smaller spaces. An oversize chair-and-a-half fits well in a large living area and provides a cozy spot to snuggle.

Clever Arrangement of Your Accent Chairs


Incorporating accent chairs into your room arrangement can provide functional and stylish decor. Centering a small table between two accent chairs in a living room nook provides a decorative conversation area. Position a sofa in front of a fireplace flanked by two accent chairs facing each other to form a decorative “square” furniture arrangement. Or center two accent chairs and a table across from a sofa in a room without a fireplace. Place a large, round ottoman in the center of the arrangement to provide a convenient spot for snacks, drinks or reading material, as well as a place to prop up tired feet. Decorate a bare corner by filling it with a cozy accent armchair and side table.

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