Decorating Your Multi-Purpose Dining Room


Dining rooms take on many forms — from spacious rooms to nooks off the kitchen. Typical dining rooms consist of a table and chairs, a sideboard or buffet, a light source and other furniture as space permits. No matter the size or style of the space, a dining room is meant to be a place to gather with family and friends for everyday meals and special occasions.


Despite the similarities in them, dining room decorating can still pose a few challenges. While some of us love our traditional dining room decor, that specific purpose space is often too confining and underutilized. Today, many homes and lifestyles function most effectively with multi purpose dining room designs as shown in the image above with a library and seating area that fits right into the dining room.


Read on to find out how to make the most of your dining room with smart space planning and creative ways to visually expand a room. If you call upon your dining room to facilitate more than just meals, see how to turn your space into a multifunction room that accommodates both eating and crafts, office space, and more.


How To Use ‘Dining Room’ Space To Suit Your Lifestyle?

First, determine what it is that you need in terms of usage for your room.Dining Room Craft Room Combo med

For some, it’s home office space. And, you don’t necessarily have to ‘work from home’ to have a legitimate need for office space. Others may desire a reading or conversation area away from the living room of their home. An area set aside for craft projects is essential for some creative homeowners. The image to the right shows a happy and colourful dining area with a home office nestled into the space quite nicely.

Next think about the other purposes for which you want to use the room


Dining Room Furniture Bruce County

For a truly multi-purpose room you might have to tweak a number of elements. See how this spacious dining room goes from ho-hum to spectacular and multi functional in this makeover.

You too can create colour, personality Dining Room Furniture Owen Sound Port Elginand function in a currently non-descript space. Notice the light finish and chunky look to the dining table as well as the darker fabric on the chairs for contrast.


The fireplace was looking a bit lonely and far away from the rest of the space. Now there is a cozy seating area with open shelving bookcases, reading material amongst the shelving decor, and a grouping of family photos on the mantel.

This is a fine example of a pretty and well coordinated space that combines an area for eating, plenty of storage and window seating.Mazin tall sideboard

Note the soft color palette as well as the glass front cabinets that are not only functional but also add personality and decorative finishes to the area. Those types of cabinets can be built in, or you can buy free-standing tall sideboards which will serve the same purpose and give you the same effect. Just look at the beautiful sideboard offered by Mazin and available in out store.


The image to the right shows how to use traditional styling to create a multi function eating and seating area. Traditional KitchenThe drop leaf table can be opened up to serve a number of guests or just a couple.

To the left we have a small dining table nestled near the fireplace, with built in shelving that houses a book collection.

Occasional overnight guests may require sleeping quarters. (Hint: think Daybed!)

And, it may be very helpful for some homeowners to have a small area set aside for casual dining in the ‘dining room’.

What is on your list? There might be one, two or even three of the above, or a need that has not been mentioned.

The image to the right shows how to use traditional styling to create a multi function eating and seating area. The drop leaf table can be opened up to serve a number of guests or just a couple.

How to Create Your Own Multi-Purpose Dining Room

Let’s say you determine that a:

small casual dining area to seat up to four people,

home office workspace, and

reading corner

would be a fantastic use for your dining room, which is a 12′ x 14′ rectangular space.

  1. The casual dining area is the largest space needed.

Consider the non-traditional options, such as a square or circular gathering table/chairs, glass topped ‘garden’ iron table/chairs, antique drop leaf table with side chairs (they don’t have to match!), etc.

Purchase a small rectangular area rug, 5 x 7 for example, and place it at an angle in one section of the space. Place the table/chairs on the rug.

  1. The home office work space could be a small writing desk/chair, a sofa table, built-in desk under a window (great views!), etc.

Place that in the area opposite the table/chairs. If you need file drawer space purchase a two drawer file cabinet, or use a small nightstand, for example.

Because this is a multi purpose dining room design, try to avoid adding too many odds and ends for storage.

Reading corner in a multi purpose dining area

  1. Find a small upholstered chair, end table/small bookshelf/etc. and lamp. Nestle that little grouping in an open corner of the space, or near a window.

Now, step back and look at how your three functional areas are placed.

Make sure the room is balanced – you don’t want to have all the larger pieces on one side of the room, or it will look lopsided.

Move things around until you are happy with the multi purpose dining room design.

See a transformation from ho-hum dining area into the fabulous multi functional space shown below.

Come into our store and we’ll help you pick the right furnishings, features and upholstery so that you too can transform your dining space to a beautiful and functional room for all to enjoy.

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