Decorating With Sectional Sofas

The sectional sofa has evolved as a piece of furniture into something wholly transformational for living rooms and family rooms. These innovative seating arrangements offer the kind of spontaneous rearrangement that more permanent furniture sets could only dream of. Whether your tastes run tailored or more casual, multi-functional sectionals help you maximize seating for large gatherings as well as everyday lounging.

Whether U-shaped, L-shaped, semi-circular, or taken apart and shifted into any pattern imaginable, the sectional sofa has become a staple for modern families wanting versatile comfort in their lives.

A sectional is usually made up of two or more pieces. Generally speaking, the fewer pieces you use to create your sectional, the more reasonable the price will be.

Whether your space is large or small, family friendly or slick and modern, see if there is a sectional that will work with your style and space. There’s nothing like snuggling up under a blanket on a big, squashy sectional for comfort. Just be sure to aim the TV toward the centre of the sectional so everyone seated has a decent view.

Be inspired by the gorgeous examples of sectionals and decorating ideas we have below.

If You Have An Open Floor Plan

If you have an open floor plan, you can use sectionals to tie your spaces together. Instead of pushing your sofa up against a wall, try arranging it in the centre of the room. You’d be surprised the flexibility and more space you’ll utilize by keeping it in the centre of the room.

You can then use an accent colour, a material like rattan or reclaimed wood, or a collection that is spread out to further tie in our spaces.

Closed Floor Plan

Sectionals are well suited to be placed in a corner with their back up against the wall on both sides. If you choose a neutral, light color, you can spice up the look with a variety of big, crazy pillows in different patterns and colors.

You can also add a huge ottoman in a bold colour for an extra element of style.

Highlight Your Windows

Warm, inviting, serene, you can use your sectional sofa to make your windows a focal point.

Aligning a sectional sofa with its back in front of a window is often a logical choice. One wall in the room may house the television or entertainment centre, another wall a fireplace and the final wall may be partial or non-existing, leading into another area of the home. A sectional sofa in front of a window allows you to look out and enjoy the view during the day and have an ideal indoor view at night while relaxing or entertaining.The trick is to pick a sectional with a low profile and a lower back so that your windows are exposed to the max.

Small-Space Solutions

Get over the fact that you think your room is too small for a sectional sofa. There are plenty of petite models available. If all you do in this room is lounge in front of the tube and fireplace, don’t fret over a sectional that’s a space hog.

The trick to turning a small-space into an elegant living area is to use appropriately sized furniture. A sectional sofa might seem too big for a smallish area but, in fact, it’s the perfect size and helps define the space.

It seems like it shouldn’t work, but filling a compact room with a sectional can actually make the space feel larger – and way more comfortable.

Big Art or Gallery Walls

When it comes to sectionals, big art and gallery walls seem to serve two purposes. First, they help to visually balance out the hugeness of a sectional, bringing everything into harmony. Because you can create a gallery wall to any dimensions you like, its a great solution for taming a sectional. Secondly, an eclectic mix of art helps add a layer of visual interest to the room that distracts from a sectional’s “I’m here and you can’t ignore me” kinda attitude.

Use Throw Pillows Effectively

Without throw pillows, a sectional can feel like a big expanse of endless sofa. Don’t be afraid to add throw pillows in different colours and patterns help to give your sectional some life. They also help to physically define the seating arrangement a little better, and generally make a sectional feel cozy and intimate, rather than cold.

For Fans of the Traditional Living Room

We all admire the traditional feeling of this living room! Looking at the sectional in this living room, you can surely say that this space is worth every penny.

When you start filling up an expansive living space with smaller pieces of furniture – a sofa here, a few armchairs and a side table there – it can start to look cluttered. Choose a roomy sectional instead to keep things simple and streamlined. You can also try a curvy sectional if you want a different look!

If you feel intimidated about choosing the fabric and finish of your sectional sofa – don’t be – this is the part that can be the most fun aspect of sectional sofa shopping. You’ll want to consider not just the colour, but also the texture and finish of the fabric.

Bring us your ideas and we’ll help you realize your ideal sectional arrangement. Thompson Brothers Furniture in Paisley, Ontario has a comprehensive selection of Décor Rest and Elran sectional sofas – guaranteed to fulfill all your decorating dreams.

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