Cottage homes are renowned for their charm, purity and natural comfort. You can add to your cottage-style coziness with these fresh and simple decorating ideas.

So brows our tips that will help you make your cottage the truly perfect retreat. In fact, even if you don;t have a cottage to decorate, many of the following ideas can be easily implemented in your home to give your surroundings a light and breezy uplift for the summer.

Opposites Attract

Everyone knows the saying: opposites attract. The same is true in decor, too. You should always achieve some sort of balance by marrying opposites, whether it’s glossy and muted or contemporary and antique. Here, the designer wanted to interrupt the mix of traditional and well-dressed dishware, fixtures and furnishings in this country-cottage dining room by surrounding the table with ultra-casual, rustic wicker chairs. The space feels how a cottage space should — perfectly at ease but always beautiful. Thompson Brothers Furniture offers a wide selection of dining chairs to enhance your cottage eating space.

If It’s Not Cozy, It’s Not Cottage

As soon as you walk into a cottage-style home, you should feel right at home. Using a neutral colour palette and natural materials helps to instantly rejuvenate your senses. The space should look and feel comfortable, easy and livable. Throw a cozy slipcover on the sofa and add plenty of throw pillows for comfort. Favourite materials include linen, burlap and wool. If you’re thinking of adding a new sofa or arm chair to your cottage , the staff at Thompson Brothers Furniture will help you select the perfect upholstery for your new furniture from the hundreds of samples we have available. We’ve got something for every colour palette.

Decorate a Sun Room

Many cottages have a sun room or screened-in porch which can be used as a semi outdoor living or dining space, for entertaining, or as a relaxing sunroom. Let the light stream through cottage windows and decorate with pastels, and furniture that isn’t too clunky, like rattan seating arrangements, to keep the space feeling light and airy. You can get great ideas for Rattan seating by browsing the Rattan furniture available at Thompson Brothers Furniture.

Mismatched Living Room Elements

Consider shaking things up in your living room by choosing mismatched pieces that are united by a common theme. The theme could be based on a colour or a “look” – In this case, it’s sea blues and nautical decorative elements. You can easily do the same with any other theme. Thompson Brothers Furniture offers a wide selection of sofas and accent chairs, available in an array of finishes, colours and fabrics so that you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. Come in and we’ll help you realize your dream.

Cozy Corners Are A Must

Rainy days at the cottage call for getting cosy and what could be better than a cosy corner to curl up in. This sectional piece in a soothing moss green hue fits snugly into a window-filled corner of this room. The stylish large-scale pattern like this traditional damask lends a feeling of warmth to any room. Thompson Brothers can help you put together the perfect corner sectional for your cottage, with custom upholstery to make the most of your cosy nook.

Simplistic Master Bedroom

Cottages are often built to minimize interior space – so bedrooms are typically built on the small side. How to deal with a lack of space? Strip away knick knacks and unnecessary furnishings, paint the walls in soft neutrals, and add multiple mirrored surfaces. These tricks make this tranquil master bedroom seem larger than its actual size. A hazy gray wall color is a chic alternative to bright white. Browse the many bedroom furnishing alternatives available at Thompson Brothers Furniture. You’re certain to find he pieces that will help you make the best use of your bedroom space. We even have a great selection of furniture for children’s cottage bedrooms.

Bring The Outdoors In With Rattan Dining Room Furniture

Do something creative for your cottage dining room – bring the outside in. For example, wicker chairs around a classic harvest table in your dining room give it a laid-back, airy and well put together feel. Check out the excellent selection of Rattan dining tables and chairs available at Thompson Brothers Furniture.

Calm and Serene Decor

We know that your cottage is the place where you go to get away – so a décor that enhances your serenity is a must. We love how these glass tabletops look like the stillness of a lake early in the morning. Talk about taking inspiration from nature! You can find your inspiration by browsing the selection of dining and dinette tables available at Thompson Brothers Furniture.

Subtle Style

Overpowering colours and furniture can make a small cottage feel really cramped. The solution, keep your décor and your colour scheme subtle and simple. For example, in this bedroom, a simple pattern combined with soft shades of blue deliver an inviting and comfortable bedroom. Small pops of yellow on the lampshades break up the monochromatic palette. Get ideas for decorating your cottage bedroom retreat – browse the huge selection of bedroom furniture available at Thompson Brothers Furniture.

Colourful Touches

Light colours, and white walls will make a small cottage appear larger – but too much white can be boring. When that white-on-white color palette needs a shot of color, just add something small — nothing permanent or expensive. In this stunning bathroom mix of marble, mosaic tiling in various shades of white and gray, beadboard and porcelain, we simply added a rustic grass-green chair in the corner. It adds a playful splash of color and breaks up the hard material elements. Thompson Brothers Furniture offers a wide array of chairs than can be used for any room in your cottage.

Relaxing Retreat

While your sunroom is a great place for entertaining, it can also serve as a relaxing retreat. A calming sunroom is the perfect place to chill out. Natural textures like sea grass, leather, rattan and lacquered wood keeps a neutral room from going flat. You can get everything you need for your relaxing cottage retreat, including accent chairs, occasional tables, sofas and ottomans, at Thompson Brothers Furniture.

Play With Colour

While we all like to look to the color wheel for those perfect combinations, don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment with new, unusual palettes. This playful cottage dining room features bright blues, yellow, and coral. Limit the punchiest color to pillows or accessories for an unexpected pop.

Hats Off to Cottages

If you’re fortunate enough to own a cottage celebrate the fact. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of whimsy to your décor. For example, you can create an interesting entryway to welcome guests right off the bat. We love the simple trend of hanging sunhats around a mirror.

In conclusion, while space limitations at your cottage may require you to keep some of your decorating ideas to a minimum, there is a lot that you can do to maximize your space and create a cosy country feeling in your cottage. Don’t be afraid to play with ideas you might not implement in your town home. Browse our website for more ideas on how you can decorate both your home and your cottage.